A Blessed Drop

I was walking back home after dropping my son at his school. Like always it was a beautiful morning. The Sun was hiding behind the clouds. It was not warm; it was not cold. A gentle breeze was blowing the dry yellow leaves away from their trees. Strolling beneath a Ginkgo tree, few leaves flew past over my head, touching my hairs softly. It felt like I have just been blessed. I looked around and saw three pairs of pigeons chirping on the electric wire. I don’t know why but I remembered an old Hindi song and started singing. The beautiful morning became more beautiful.

Suddenly, I felt something wet trickling down my cheek. It wasn’t a tear; it was something more blissful, something purer than a tear. I touched and took the drop on my fingertip and looked at ‘it’. ‘It’ made me feel the intense joy within. My whole entity was filled with graciousness towards the creator. He had allowed me to experience the beauty of his creations. Touching that little drop, I was able to physically feel his presence. ‘It’ was the blessed.

Ginkgo Tree

Slowly as the drop dried up on my finger, it made me realize the nature of our belief in the creator. I understood that even though it’s commonly practiced but generally it’s very fragile.

Shall We Meet?

She was there; I felt the warmth of her existence. And I wanted it to be permanent. My spirits uplifted.

I was floating; I heard the music in her voice. And I wanted it to be perpetual. My heart longed.

She was hiding; I sensed the truth of her entity. And I wanted it to be real. My search deepened.

I was anxious; I dialed the number of her cell. And I wanted it to be correct. My call dropped.

She was reachable; I tried the connection again. And I wanted it to be good. My line connected.

I was happy; I asked the question, “Shall we meet?” And I wanted it to be “Yes”.  My plea granted.

She was coming; I recited the prayers from my heart. And I wanted it to be honest. My wait ended.

I was calm; I checked the sanctum of my body. And I wanted it to be special. My environ lighted.

She was here; I watched the grace of her presence. And I wanted it to enwrap me. My gaze fixed.

I was still. I joined the hands in worship. And I wanted it to be everlasting. My breath stabilized.

She was hugging. I quivered at the touch of Divinity. And then there was nothing. The self liberated.