“What Are You Upset About?”

Mom was yelling. She is generally not like that in the mornings. Actually, it is the other way round and I sometimes ponder what happens to her in last eight to ten hours that she is so few on words in the morning. Is she forgetful of her vocabulary? Whatever it is, I hope it is not anything serious like ‘Ms. Nancy’, of the story that I read the other day in school, who lost her memory and then ‘John Catridge’ helped her to get it back. Where would I find this ‘John’ to get my mom’s memory back? It is hard to imagine; my seven years old brain spins like my Beyblade toy just thinking about it. Anyways the point is that that morning was different and somebody was being yelled at. I was sure it was not Dad because they do not have their ‘discussions’ so early in the day. “Am I in trouble?” I questioned myself and the answer followed, “no, that cannot be me. I just woke up and I was still in bed.”

I had to find out. So, I slowly climbed the stairs and entered my parent’s bedroom. Saavi was standing by the restroom; his bare legs were shivering a little bit. He was asking for a different jeans and underpants. Mom was quiet, she was sitting on the bed, and looked upset. Dad was by the sink, washing his hands. As soon as Dad saw me, I had a chore, “Siddharth, can you go and get a pair of jeans and under pant for Saavi, please.” I immediately turned back and operated as per the orders. It was not the time to question if I wanted to stay out of trouble. As I was walking down I heard mom grumbling. It was something to do with Saavi. What did he do this time?

It was not long before I was back in the room. Dad was helping Saavi to dress up. He tried to console mom, “He is just a kid. Don’t be so harsh about it.”

Mom was not happy to hear his comment, she said, “Don’t take his side.”

Meanwhile, I got some idea as to what had happened, so I had to play my role. Nobody asked me to but I had to. I am a seven-year old and that’s what I am supposed to do; talk out-of-place. I opened my mouth “Mom, did Saavi pee on the bed again?” She nodded her head in a yes. And I couldn’t control my disgust and expressed it with a loud, “Ewwwwwwwwwww.”

Now it was my turn, I invited trouble for myself. She snapped at me, “What’s ewwwwww about it, don’t you pee? It is the most natural thing.”

“Yes, I do but in the toilet.” I mumbled. I was lucky that she was more focused on Saavi at that time and not on me. I was off the leash quickly. I wanted to ask her, “If that is so natural, what are you so upset about?” Somehow, this time I controlled myself and kept my mouth shut. I am a seven-year old but not a stupid seven-year old. I withdrew myself; came and sat on the corner chair with the book, pretending to read.

Dad came and sat beside mom. He asked her, “What are you upset about?”

I wanted to stop him there and say, “That’s my sentence. Don’t copy me.” But I remained quiet.

He continued, “Are you upset that Saavi didn’t listen to you or because he ruined the bed?”

I was eagerly waited for her answer, I looked at Mom with anticipation; she was beginning to cool down; not as hyper as before. She paused and looked at dad and answered, “I am upset because he removed the protective bed sheet that I had put under him and then peed on the mattress.” They waited and then they smiled at each other.

For once, I was so proud of my little brother. He just wet one sheet but he at least saved the other one. “ Yay….Mom will have one less sheet to wash.”

2 comments on ““What Are You Upset About?”

  1. cuuteeeee……..picturising saavi n sid.:)
    too good story telling bhabhi specially with siddharth’s point of view WOW!!!
    and the grumbling mom……i guess its in our heritage…hahaha…..
    neways humourous, focused and exceptional story telling……*hi5*…(to saavi n sid)…:P:)

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