The Power of Now

By- Eckhart Tolle

This book is categorized as a spiritual book but in my opinion it’s more of common sense. It’s the first spiritual book I have read, which doesn’t talk about God but something more real, more perpetual. In the beginning of the book author says,

“I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten”

We already know that the secret to happiness is to ‘live in the moment that one is in,’ but we tend to forget this and keep shuttling between our past and our future. This random motion causes suffering.

As the name suggests this book talks about staying in the present. Mr. Tolle not only shares the advantages of living in the present but he also gives some tips and techniques on how that can be achieved.

“Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be”

So, very true. The Power of Now goes to the root of all suffering and discusses issues that bother us in our everyday life. If we can learn to live in our “Now,” life would be so much easier.

I loved this book and highly recommend to anyone who is trying to make their life better in some way or the other.

P.S. If you want to share this book with someone who doesn’t understand English then look for translated version. It has been translated into many languages. The one in Hindi is called “SHAKTIMAN VARTAMAN.”

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