Out Of My Mind

Author Richard Bach is an imaginative author. He ties in his stories with dreams and visions. There are some significant lessons hidden in his stories. It is like a treasure hunt for the audience. It depends on the reader how much he/she is able to find and absorb from it. I have read another book by Richard Bach and it is called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. That was a great  and a very profound book. I am all praises for Jonathan Livingston but will talk about it later. Right now lets just concentrate on Out Of My Mind.

This book is for geeky kinds. People who understand machines and mechanics and who are passionate about airplanes and stuff. I am  not that kind. I don’t even know why do we need a carburetor in any automobile or for that matter its right spelling. I think I conveyed the message. I do not share Richard’s love of flying, so I was not able to relate to this book.

In spite of that, I read it. Probably, because it was just 100 pages (double- spaced.) And I was even able to fish out a precious pearl to share with you. A thought;

“One longs for what the heart’s denied”

Out of My Mind, Pg # 98, Paragraph #5.

2 comments on “Out Of My Mind

  1. True and obvious, how can you long for something you already have:) but on a more serious note I loved jonathan livingston seagull and message it conveyed, spread your wings and try to reach your highest potential

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