A Candid Expression

One Sentence Story:

Decades have passed since I was a child myself, I heard someone say, “children make you want to start life over,” which never made any sense to me until now when I myself am a mom of two little boys, now I have realized the depth of that statement and indubitably I am fortunate enough to be able to live the veracity of the above quote; to see these little individuals grow is the most valued thing in my life and I wish I could keep an account of all the wonderful things that they say or do to make my life so beautiful, even though it’s hard but I still try to save some, like the episode that recently happened; my two and half years old Saavi came into the kitchen and said, “Mumma, Saavi doesn’t want red wine,” when I was about to give him his bottle of milk, I smiled and thanked him for making a good choice.


2 comments on “A Candid Expression

  1. Hey Nandu,
    After watching a cricket match with a nail bitting and heart pounding climax, we loged in to Skype and lemme tell you it was pure bliss to see your new car. It is really fab. I was puffed up with joy to see that you guys are making a mark out there. The expression of satisfaction on Ashu’s face was elating.

    After chatting with guys I finally sat down to read the long awaited and very well overdue reviews of your entries on your blog. Needless to say they seem like pages from a novel. Written and crafted by a mature/seasoned writer and indeed a beautiful mind.

    Your style/concept of penning down petty incidents happening around or for that matter writing down about a situation that you might have confronted is commendable. I am no writer but I guess probably this is how you develop and harness your writing skills. Rest Later.

    Kudos to you !

    • Thank you Sir…It was definitely long awaited and I am obliged. I consider you a writer and that is why your feedback was important to me. I am learning and I need some sincere comments …so that I can improve. I appreciate your encouragement and your kind words but please point out my weaknesses so that I can work on them and develop my skills.

      Thanks again

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