I Love You Bro!

It was you, who threw only ten balls and counted twelve when we played twelve ball cricket game.
But the “Not Out” sign that allowed me to play all ten was shown by you.

It was you, who didn’t let me climb the trees when we wandered around our neighborhood.
But the sweetest fruits that I ate were tossed to me by you.

It was you, who fought with me over little things when we lived in that little house.
But the kind words that saved me from rebuke were spoken by you.

It was you, who laughed and made fun of me when I ate hot chili-peppers by mistake.
But the cold glass of water that killed the heat was offered to me by you.

It was you, who never let me go out anywhere even when we were in college.
But the memorable scooter ride that night was sponsored by you.

It was you, who yelled at me when we had arguments.
But the hug that strengthens me through life was a gift to me by you.

It is you, who doesn’t say much even when we are thousands of miles apart.
But the blessing-“Always be happy” that was showered on me was by you.

Never have I said this; may be to others’ but never to you. I Love You Bro!

🙂 May God Bless all brothers with happiness and smiles 🙂


10 comments on “I Love You Bro!

  1. As I told you earlier as well that I do not have a poetic bend of mind but this one is really a touching one. When you go down the memory lane you do find touching moments.

  2. Today..I’m reading it again…seriously very sweet poem, I like the tee-shirt too actually it has my brothers favorite task….:) love d poem.

    • Arre wah kya baat hai 🙂 Two comments on one piece. “Buy One Get One Free, Free, Free” 🙂
      On a serious note, thanks yaar, and I know you are missing your brothers too.

  3. Very nicely written. Each incident makes you walk down the memory lane and reminds of lot of the pleasant memories. Indeed it is a thoughtful piece of work 🙂

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