My Friend, Martha

My Friend, Martha

Her eyes so grey that showed just love;

Her face so lustrous that reflected life;

Her smile so pure that would make you happy for sure.

Her voice so soft that cleared the gloom;

Her heart so big that loved to share;

But her story so short that tears me apart.

That was Martha; once together; now only in thoughts.


4 comments on “My Friend, Martha

  1. Nandita it is really amazing, the way you have written we all are touched….n almost in tears…… although I never met martha after 1999 but still remember the last conversation I had with her over phone….2008 sometime…..really miss her charm and never believe this could happen to someone so close to you…we would miss her alway.

  2. Its really beautiful Nandita, I am touched…I could feel Martha after reading this…I wish our old days could come back we spent with her enjoyed together each and every moment of our life in college and even after that….thanx a lot Nandita for writing sucha nice poem for her…I know its not just a poem its ur feelings for her…and I am really proud of u dear , coz inspite of being so much busy with kids u could write something so beautiful.

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