Should I or Shouldn’t I

Recently, when I went to my friends Reema and Romesh’s place; our conversation came to the point, “If I should or I should not ask people questions or opinions about various topics and use them for my articles?” But even before that nice couple could suggest any answer to me, they started discussing the previous question (on growing old) that I sent them earlier.  All of a sudden, I felt as if I was not in the room with them, I was in the theatre watching a romantic classic.

Romesh stretched on the sofa and Reema sat besides him on the floor. Holding and playing with each other’s hands they talked about getting old together. During those special moments when they were ‘alone’, two of them also had a pleasant argument on if they are too busy and they do not have the time to pay attention to what they have to say to each other. Romesh stepped in to prove that he always listens to his ‘darling’ wife, however busy he may be. He recounted the event that happened the last time when I mailed them that question the first time. Reema kept looking at him affectionately.

You do realize that I didn’t get the answer to my question at that time. As this always happens when we are with friends, one tends to get side-tracked. We moved ahead with some other topic. Reflecting on it, I understand that this incident is a good proof that I am not bothering anyone with my questions? On the other hand I am being helpful in certain ways … 🙂 My idea is not to disturb you but to learn from you and share your views and feelings about certain topics. If you are willing and happy to share something with everyone, please contribute your stories.

Please share with me something that really troubled you in your life and how did you take care of that situation or problem.


One comment on “Should I or Shouldn’t I

  1. Should I or Shouldn’t I. I will vote for Should I. Asking a question is any one’s right and one is free to ask. However, it is for the other person to give a reply or not. It is just like a suggestion given to anyone. Here the theory of BUY IT OR THROW IT comes into play. So, do not think that posing a question will trouble someone.

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