Tale of Losing his First Tooth

Lost and found

He lost it and then he lost it again. Yes, My son, my six year old lost his first tooth today. Oh! Please don’t feel sorry. It was probably the most awaited moment of his life. I knew he would be excited but not to this extent. He was jumping everywhere. I thought it’s in exhilaration but soon I realized that it was because he couldn’t find his lost tooth.

His dreams were shattered. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He was already missing his tooth fairy.  There will be a hole in tooth fairy’s castle, as she won’t get his tooth and  he won’t be rich anymore. As he will not be getting any gift or money from her darling tooth fairy. All kinds of horrifying thoughts crossed his mind.  Oh boy! My boy was miserable. I could feel his pain.

I tried to console him.I told him that tooth fairy will still visit him even if he doesn’t have the tooth. He didn’t  want to listen. He shouted, “Mom please keep looking for it.” I had never imagined myself like this; looking so frantically for a broken human being’s tooth. How could I have envisioned that, I was never a mom before? And secondly it was not just anyone’s tooth, it was my precious one’s and that too his first.

My search continued but to no avail. I just picked some apple crumbs and some breadcrumbs, as though I was trying to  clean up my rug. Those little food testers were the results of my little one’s generosity . Suddenly, I got suspicious. Did Sid swallowed his tooth with the bite of an apple he was just having? Or has he shared his tooth (instead of apple) with his little brother?

Very soon, both thoughts were negated as he has found his precious possession. I was relieved, so was he. I was amazed to see the size of that tooth. No wonder, why I (with my amazing eyesight) couldn’t find it. I later came to think of it, it was normal sized, as six years old kids should have. It was not supposed to be knife-like, like that of Rudy Dinosaur’s tooth in Ice Age 3.

Now, it was a moment of celebration. A moment he had been waiting for almost about an year now. He is youngest in his class. All of his classmates have lost one or more teeth. A hole or two in the mouth is like a certificate  of getting bigger that a kid carries with him/her at all times. And among the whole group he was the only one without any. He needed some air. It was too much of a pressure that he was going through. It was a big problem that you and I cannot easily understand. It is too much to handle. Remember that depressing feeling of being left alone.

Finally, the day has come and he wanted to celebrate it by sleeping early.  So, that he can welcome his tooth fairy sooner. “Good night my sweetheart! Sweet dreams and Sleep tight.” Even before I can complete my sentence he was asleep and was with his tooth fairy.

PS: That night he woke up in the middle of the night just to check if the tooth fairy has yet arrived or not.


3 comments on “Tale of Losing his First Tooth

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  2. It is a very ordinary event of any one’s life.We have been observing this in the family when children loose their teeth, but making a wonderful and interesting story like this is an art and I appreciate and has all praises for it. I feel myself fortunate to have a daughter-in-law like you.

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