Tale of Losing his First Tooth

Lost and found

He lost it and then he lost it again. Yes, My son, my six year old lost his first tooth today. Oh! Please don’t feel sorry. It was probably the most awaited moment of his life. I knew he would be excited but not to this extent. He was jumping everywhere. I thought it’s in exhilaration but soon I realized that it was because he couldn’t find his lost tooth.

His dreams were shattered. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He was already missing his tooth fairy.  There will be a hole in tooth fairy’s castle, as she won’t get his tooth and  he won’t be rich anymore. As he will not be getting any gift or money from her darling tooth fairy. All kinds of horrifying thoughts crossed his mind.  Oh boy! My boy was miserable. I could feel his pain.

I tried to console him.I told him that tooth fairy will still visit him even if he doesn’t have the tooth. He didn’t  want to listen. He shouted, “Mom please keep looking for it.” I had never imagined myself like this; looking so frantically for a broken human being’s tooth. How could I have envisioned that, I was never a mom before? And secondly it was not just anyone’s tooth, it was my precious one’s and that too his first.

My search continued but to no avail. I just picked some apple crumbs and some breadcrumbs, as though I was trying to  clean up my rug. Those little food testers were the results of my little one’s generosity . Suddenly, I got suspicious. Did Sid swallowed his tooth with the bite of an apple he was just having? Or has he shared his tooth (instead of apple) with his little brother?

Very soon, both thoughts were negated as he has found his precious possession. I was relieved, so was he. I was amazed to see the size of that tooth. No wonder, why I (with my amazing eyesight) couldn’t find it. I later came to think of it, it was normal sized, as six years old kids should have. It was not supposed to be knife-like, like that of Rudy Dinosaur’s tooth in Ice Age 3.

Now, it was a moment of celebration. A moment he had been waiting for almost about an year now. He is youngest in his class. All of his classmates have lost one or more teeth. A hole or two in the mouth is like a certificate  of getting bigger that a kid carries with him/her at all times. And among the whole group he was the only one without any. He needed some air. It was too much of a pressure that he was going through. It was a big problem that you and I cannot easily understand. It is too much to handle. Remember that depressing feeling of being left alone.

Finally, the day has come and he wanted to celebrate it by sleeping early.  So, that he can welcome his tooth fairy sooner. “Good night my sweetheart! Sweet dreams and Sleep tight.” Even before I can complete my sentence he was asleep and was with his tooth fairy.

PS: That night he woke up in the middle of the night just to check if the tooth fairy has yet arrived or not.

My American Dream

American Dream

“The cab stopped at the end of the road. Just ahead were stairs that appeared endless. The tall pine trees were the only things that could be seen in the dark.  That narrow stairs in front of her looked like a tunnel. It was creepy. For few moments she stood there, all by herself scared and confused.Then she pulled herself together and took the first step, unexpectedly the stairs started moving up by itself. She held herself tight and within few seconds she was at the end of the stairway.

Her eyes opened wide to see the inconceivable beauty all around her. It was a magnificent, a beautiful lush garden with lots of flowers of all colors. Sound of music coming out from waterfall and fountains filled her with astonishment and bliss. At the corner stood a statue of a lady in white, with her one hand raised up. There was no place for anything else, but happiness. From there she could see the world and hear a cuckoo calling, again and again and again… annoyed and perplexed she got off of the bed.”

America is like this dream. It’s a dream, which, youths through out the world wish to live. The dream of wealth, of opportunities, of freedom, of life and of luxuries brings them here. Some people fulfill that dream and others keep fantasizing about it through out their life. If one does dare to dream, then America is the place where you can accomplish it for sure.

I came here in year 2002 with a simple desire of having a small and happy family. A family in which, both my husband and I could support each other and have a house of our own. We envisioned ourselves, standing side-by-side and learning and growing both knowledgeably and spiritually. I started working towards that vision. I took some courses in computers like Microsoft Office, Adobe Page Maker and Photoshop. Then one day, while talking to a close friend of mine a thought of making a difference in others’ lives sprouted. That conversation led me into the efforts of wanting to become a teacher in US. Soon, after that I cleared the CBEST and the American Constitution Test and got enrolled in San Jose State University in the Department of Education.

I will always remember the first day of my class in the Department of Education at SJSU. I was impressed to see the diversity among the applicants. It was a mixed group comprising of both males and females, from myriad fields and most amazing was the age-range. Everyone from 20’s to 60’s was equally enthusiastic. Even the people in there sixties have aspirations and they were so motivated. At that time I realized that it is true that there is no age limit for learning. And this could only be practiced in America.

I aspired and perspired and occasionally I suffered too, but eventually I met my goal in March of 2009.  In the spring of each year, the education department of San Jose State University conducts a small ceremony to recognize the hard work of all the candidates who complete their teaching program in that academic year. During that event all candidates present were  expected to talk about their accomplishments for few minutes. It was the proudest moment of my life, talking about my achievement. I am in process of finding a job. And soon, I will be a schoolteacher, trying out new things, imparting new information to my students and will live my vision.

I am standing on the verge of achieving my dream, only because I am breathing in American air. This could have been next to impossible, if I had been in India. Although a great nation and very close to my heart but there, it is difficult for a woman to study and then have a job after she is married and have kids.

America is a land of dreams and choices without any boundaries. I consider myself lucky that I am a part of this big and generous country.


“America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses.”

Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924)