Few Good Qualities

Describe three teacher characteristics/behaviors that support improved student achievement for all students and explain why.

Teaching Responsibly

While going through a interview process, somebody asked me the above question. It’s a good question and also a very important one.  Perceiving the challenges in the field of education today, I think, all educators need to think about this. Here’s my share and my opinion.

The teaching credential programs are designed to prepare and gear prospective teacher towards achieving maximum student learning. One might be going through Piaget’s philosophy or learning about one’s own biases or practicing validity / reliability of an assessment or exploring adolescent psychology. Everything is focused on one goal: “Improving student learning and achievement”. Apart from being knowledgeable about the above educational terms and issues, good teachers possess some basic characteristics that help them to attain the said ultimate goal.

Respect is a stepping-stone in building-up any relationship. It holds true for the relationship between a teacher and his pupils as well. One has to give the same respect that one wishes to receive from others. Greeting your students at the door on the first day of the school can be the first step in establishing this process. An atmosphere where people are respectable to each other helps in creating a work friendly and productive environment.

Positive attitude and outlook in life goes a long way in achieving one’s goals. I am a firm believer of the fact that we attract whatever we think. So, think positive and positive things will happen. I wish to nurture the same idea in my students as it helps to attain seemingly impossible feats. It also teaches to continue to work hard despite failures.

One of my University supervisors taught me the rule of three F’s. “Always be fair, firm and flexible.” Consistently following this rule during my student teaching, I was able to convey to my students that I was one of them; I am there with an objective to bring out the best in them. Consistency was the key in application of that rule. It worked magic during that time and I am sure it will be helpful in my up-and-coming teaching career.

These are some of the important traits that I think a person should have in them if they are considering of being an educator. Modeling and practicing these qualities will help to improve student achievement, by letting students’ witness that the world is a good place to be. These plus few others qualities, which I will acquire with experience will assist me in my journey, from a good teacher to better and to being the best.


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