Who Am I To Judge Anyone?


The other day, I was talking about a friend, behind her back. Of course, I was not saying good things about her. We were making fun of her ideas, her ideals and her approach. Later, during some moments of introspection, I felt sorry for myself. Why did I fall into that vicious circle of criticizing others? Who am I to judge anyone?

God has already given all of us full opportunity and freedom to perk up one of his greatest creation. He has given us, ourselves.  We are a big project ourselves. In terms of writing, we must be his first draft. There is still a lot of scope to revise and edit this existing draft.  God has put no limits to which we can go and improve ourselves. We can find n number of our weaknesses and work on them to transform into a better person.  There isn’t any time limit too. He has given us our entire lifetime to do so. In this process of editing, it’s helpful to have some good editors in close vicinity, but self-analysis is the best.

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of SRF, once said, “Learn to analyze yourself, looking at both the negative and the positive: how did you come to be what you are? What are your good and bad points, and how did you acquire them? Then set about to destroy the bad harvest. Remove the tares of evil traits from your soul and sow more seeds of spiritual qualities, to increase the crop of good harvest. As you recognize your weaknesses and scientifically remove them, you become stronger.”

Realizing my mistake and acting on Guruji’s advice, I put forth my first step to change myself. I will stop criticizing others, especially behind their backs. I would either muster the courage to point out their weakness upfront and be one of their editors, if they so desire, or else shut up. When my comments bring no good to anyone, they do not help me in anyway either. It’s just a wasteful thing to do. I pledge, never to get involved in any of such futile acts.


3 comments on “Who Am I To Judge Anyone?

  1. Who Am I To Judge Anyone? Very well said. It is easy to write but difficult to practice.Yes, if you are determined to do so nothing like it. I appreciate the very idea.Once it has come to your mind,I am sure you will also succeed in practising it as well.Even Kabir Das has written”NINDAK NEDE RAKHEYE, AANGAN KUTI CHHAVAYE. But remmember most of us do not like to be criticised. What to say of others, even I do not know how will I react if I am criticised for any of my actions, but I believe that the very thought in this direction should be taken as a positive approach.

    • Papa, I actually try doing that and that’s why I wrote this article to remind myself and avoid getting into the trap of judging and criticizing others. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

      • It is a positive and healthy approach indeed, but where to restrict.Should we keep it upto friends, relatives or even family members or your own children.At times it may become your duty as well when you have to judge.Long ago I also decided not to expect anything from anyone, and I am quite successful in my attempts as well, but at times I miserably failed in my attempt as I am also a human- being. But I do not bother for it. When you return to your senses you realise your mistake and then carry on. Life goes like that.

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