It’s Okay to be Selfish

There are people who give and just give. They do not expect anything in return. Those people belong to the category of saints.  This article is not about them. It is about the other kind of people. People who are worldly, who give but also expect something in return. Some express their expectations others do not. We as normal human beings have the right to think about ourselves.


A feeling that you get when the wrong has been done.

I look around and feel sorry for the older generation who spent their life being someone but just not themselves. Especially the people from Indian sub continent.  My parents and grand parents for example, spent  their entire life for their loved ones. They forgot to consider their own needs. Now, in their final stage of life they realize that they missed out so much. Just because they  were not able to find a little time for themselves. Some decades from now you don’t  want to be among that group, repenting about this little fact of life.  At times, we should stop and think about our own happiness. Sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish.

Is it okay to be selfish? How many times did this thought occur to you? Here I am, calling out for the people who are caretakers; responsible for taking care of someone you love. You are responsible for making someone happy and content and you are doing a great job. Now, take a deep breath and look way from computer screen and compliment yourself for the wonderful job you are doing. Take thirty or so seconds to thank yourself on behalf of the people you taking care of. You might be anyone, a mom, a dad, a childcare provider, a teacher or a volunteer helping out seniors. And believe it you deserve this.


A simple cup of tea can be very refreshing

Last thirty seconds that you were with yourself, don’t make you a bad or irresponsible person. Morally you have not done anything wrong. Therefore, thinking or doing a little deed of happiness for oneself will not be wrong either. Some simple things like, preparing a cup of tea; sitting back and thinking about nothing; reading few lines from Byron; listening to your favorite song or music; working out or deep breathing, can be effective. Just ten minutes a day but do something that is only for you. It’s a time out for yourself when you do not have to make any compromises or adjustments or impressions.

A realization that you spent your life being a mom, a dad, a husband or a wife but just not yourself might be heartbreaking.  It is your life and you deserve a fraction of it to yourself. To give happiness you have to have some for yourself. If you are not happy and content you cannot make others happy. Sometimes do a little thing for yourselves and feel the happiness that’s  inside you and then try spreading it among others.


2 comments on “It’s Okay to be Selfish

  1. Yes ! I do agree that one has to live and think for himself or herself, while performing all the duties. However, I will go a step further. I feel the same pleasure in getting up early in a chilly morning just to prepare a cup of tea for my wife or my daughter-in-law. I do this only to see the twinkle in their eyes when they get that cup of tea in the morning without any effort. There are no free lunches in life. You have to fore go something in order to get something. The mother derives the same pleasure or may be more in changing the nappy of the child at midnight sacrificing her own sleep. So this life,the only difference that how you look at it, and if your effort is acknowledged by the same person, then that is the biggest treasure for me. This is how I take it.

  2. A very twisted topic written wid such smoothness,love the way u presented it n yes in todays world it is not bad to be selfish……..

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