Foccacia (foh-KAH-chyah) describes Foccacia as a flat Italian bread traditionally flavored with olive oil and salt and often topped with herbs, onions, or other items.


Not only is this bread yummy and versatile, it is easy to prepare at home. I baked Onion Foccacia at home without even using a blender.  One can follow any recipe that one feels comfortable with, I followed the one from the amazing book called “The Around the World Cookbook” published by Hermes House. This book has great recipes from some exciting cuisines. I also looked for the recipes on  Whatever recipe  you follow but make sure that you keep following things in mind.

  • If possible mix the dough in a mixer, so that it is smooth and elastic. Recipes do not specify the use of a mixer. I kneaded the dough by hand and bread was harder than I would like it to be.
  • When keeping the dough to rise, cover it properly to avoid the hardening of the outer layer. To protect the moisture of the dough, cover it with wet  cloth, do not use a paper towel instead:-)
  • Finally use olive liberally before putting it in the oven for baking. The bread will come out nice and shiny.

Here are some ideas to prove the versatility of this bread;

  • Top it of Basil pesto, fresh diced tomato and olive oil, its yummy even my 14 months old loved it.
  • Use it for a sandwich.
  • As pizza base, you can top it of with whatever toppings you like.
  • Be creative and share your ideas.

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