My First Story

Have you ever experienced the joy of getting your creation published? If yes, consider yourself among the lucky ones and share your joy with me. I was on the verge experiencing that joy in the year 2007 (or I thought so.) On my 29 birthday, I once again promised myself to accomplish my dream of becoming a writer. I started thinking on the lines of writing something that is close to my heart; something that is close to reality; something that someone has experienced and something that is about India. I got an idea.

My story was about Runjhun a young girl from an upper-middle class family from the industrial city of Kanpur in India. She was in her sixteen when she first went out alone with her friend. Runjhun always wanted to go for higher education unaware of her parent’s plan about her future.

A month later, after going out with Sheenu, her friend, Runjhun got married. Then, she was playing a role of a wife, a bahu, a bhabhi in a joint family of twenty two members. What happened about her plans of education? Was she able to achieve any of her dreams?

My story was about it. I finished my story and titled it as “First Few Steps.” I liked it and therefore I submitted it to a website, which publishes unpublished works and started waiting for some positive feedback. This was the closest I reached to getting my work published.


One comment on “My First Story

  1. …And then I forgot about that story for two years. When I started this blog I was reminded of it again but by then it was already too late because I lost it. I looked at all possible places and folder but no luck.

    Today, out of nowhere it emerged again and I will publish it here soon 🙂

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